Vessel Safety Management llc is wholly owned and operated by Wright Maritime. VSM holds Documents of Compliance with the Cayman Islands, the Marshall Islands and with Bermuda. Each year our System and staff undergo three external audits by Caymans, Bermuda and Lloyds for the Marshall Islands.

Our Safety Management System was developed by highly qualified senior yacht officers and has undergone years of intensive review by Flag-state auditors and continued feedback from our fleet officers.

Our Ship Security Plan continues to undergo improvements and changes to stay in front of security trends. Our cooperation with leading security companies encompasses our managers shipping out as masters on yachts sailing in unusual circumstances - including the waters around Somalia and Yemen. Our experience in challenging security environments is current and useful in how we approach our fleet's security concerns.

Our relationship with regulatory bodies, Flag states and Classification societies is unique in our industry. WMG fleet managers sit on the boards of Flag state Code working groups to encourage a goal orientated approach to the regulation interpretation. We have been quietly instrumental in guiding decision makers in their understanding of the operational profile of the large yacht.

Vessel Safety Management llc is dedicated to the betterment of our industry's safety and environmental standards. We work with the crews of our fleet to ensure their views are turned into implemented policy within our system. Our captains and officers know they have a team of people ashore that will help them in any circumstance, at any time of the day or night.

A Wright Maritime Company