Vessel Safety Management staff are made up of qualified seafarers and regulatory experts.

VSM incorporates in house personnel redundancy to ensure that important day to day support is available 365 days a year and that critical incidents receive 24 hour response by staff that are experienced in incident management and familiar with each yacht and their crew.

The key team members at Vessel Safety Management:

Fiona Chopman is the Process Manager, ensuring that all requests are logged and followed up on and that document controls are in compliance.

Captain Martin Butler is a Fleet Manager. Martin's role at VSM is to ensure compliance with critical and safety equipment maintenance.

Patrick Collins is a Fleet Manager, deputy DPA / CSO. Patrick's role at VSM is incident planning and response.

Captain Richard Fuller is V.P. Fleet Operations, deputy DPA / CSO. Richard's role at VSM is as leader in the day to day operations and system improvement / quality control.

Erik Schifflebian is Executive V.P. Fleet Operations, DPA / CSO. Erik's role at VSM is general oversight and contribution in all aspects of the ISM / ISPS command, while liaising with Richard and AJ for company and fleet compliance standards.

Captain AJ Anderson is Chief Executive Officer. AJ's role is to probe internally on quality control while encouraging regulators, Flag and Class, to develop rules and interpret regulations in a manner that is consistent with the operational profile of a large yacht.

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